Can't sleep, go for the kettle, not the fridge Midnight snack contains Melissa and Linden blossoms along with some other cool stuff but those two wonderful ingredients help reduce anxiety, boost cognitive function, help ease insomnia and other sleep disorders making a midnight snack a great evening tea. 


Brewer Guide 


Aroma: woody natural

Flavour: Passion fruit 

Brew time: 2 to 4 mins

How do you take it: We recommend it just as it is because it's pretty good that way so if it's not broken don't fix it 

Organic : No 

Caffeine free : Yes


Small 50g

Medium 100g

Large 200g



Rosehip, Apple pieces, Hibiscus, Melissa, Linden blossoms & Lemongrass, 

Midnight snack

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