Immuni-tea is bursting with immune-boosting ingredients that give an all-over boost to the body, Mellisa, liquorice, heather, green mate, ginger, cloves and cardamon if you want to know more about what each of these ingredients does on its own check out our what's in my cup menu section for a full breakdown and needless to say its a powerhouse 


Brewers Guide 

Aroma: sweet

Flavour: vanilla 

Brewing time: 2 to 5 mins 

How do you take it: Just as it no need to mess with perfection 

Organic : No 

Caffeine free : No


Small 50g

medium 100g

Large 200g



Aniseed, Linden blossoms, Cinnamon pieces, Mellissa , Licorice root ,heather blossoms , Green mate , Ginger pieces & Cardamom seeds 


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