We have recently begun working with a wonderful Irish company that not only produces but also grows and manufactures CBD products right here in Ireland  with their CBD powder we have created   CBD tea infusions that are a wonderful addition to your everyday wellbeing, all  CBD  is 100% THC free and natural & 100% certified organic,

we have married their high-grade CBD with three custom-blended high-grade tea infusions to bring you, A perfect way to get CBD into your daily life 


The benefits of CDB are proving to be quite amazing a quick google search will give you a world of research. 


So with that in mind, we bring you CBD sleep


10 luxury corn fiber tea pillows that contain    25mg of CBD in each tea bag infused together with a unique combination of mother nature's finest herbs to help aid restful sleep. 








CBD powder, Lavender, valerian root, sage, chamomile, fennel, Mellisa, lemongrass, cardamon seeds, peppermint,


Brewers Guide 


pop your tea pillow  into your favorite cup and infuse with water freshly boiled water then allow your teabag to infuse for a least 6 minutes or untill desired stregh has been achived ( I leave mine in the cup until I am finished drinking but that's just personal preference ) 

then simply enjoy 



Consult your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any

 medical concerns.

CBD Sleep a CBD Tea infusion to aid restful sleep

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